SOGEO Skills Group, is a human society, multidisciplinary professional services: FIDUCIAIRE accountant and accounting expertise.




Since 2006, in conjunction with our collaborators and our two entities, we have had the capacity to offer a wide range of accounting services and corporation tax services to both commercial and financial companies as well as natural persons.

Chartered Accountant and Tax Services: this service consists of accounting services (general and analytical), advice on national taxation and the preparation of fiscal declarations (VAT services, Intarcom, Intrastat and tax declarations).

With you we study all tax risks, examine their consequences, and then elaborate a sound policy to be put in place in order to insure legal compliance (national and European). Naturally, all of this effort is done with the goal of finding the best financial opportunities for you specific to your situation.

Solvency / Cash Management Services: on your behalf we will monitor your customers to produce and track payment reminders. When required we will contact your customers to assess and develop payment solutions.

Representation of your company with Luxembourg and foreign administrations.

We also offer “AUDITING” services as well as “DOMICILIATION” services.

We do not just offer standardized solutions! It is a point of honour with us that we will always make an effort to listen to our customers. And, on the basis of current laws, advise and assist them in their development to the best of our abilities.

We also do not just “fill-in” documents, we prefer to speak with you in terms of project, activity and objectives. Then – together – build the most suitable solution within an appropriate structure.

With our customers we strive to establish a relationship of trust.

Notre philosophie,
le service des grands à prix humain !

Nos valeurs : le client en premier, le respect de tous, l'honnêteté, la responsabilité, la discrétion.

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